Zelensky: Ukraine is preparing for new Russian offensive in the east


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said that after Russia failed to achieve success in the attacks on the capital Kiev, it deployed its troops to the east of Ukraine and the Ukrainian army is preparing for the new offensive that Moscow is expected to launch in this region.

Russia has been unable to capture any of Ukraine’s major cities, including the capital Kyiv, since the beginning of the invasion, which is now in its fifth week.

Russia decided to reduce its operations in Kyiv and Chernigiv city in eastern Ukraine in order to build mutual trust during the peace talks held in Istanbul on Tuesday.

However, Western states, including Ukraine and the United States, described Russia’s decision as a tactic to compensate for losses and prepare for further attacks.

announced that Russian troops were fortified to focus on “liberating” the separatist Donbas region. There is a “people’s republic” in the Donbas region, which has unilaterally declared its independence from Ukraine.

According to the news of Reuters, Zelenskiy spoke in his video message about the departure of Russian troops from Kyiv and Chernihiv, stating that the movements were “the result of the efforts of the troops defending (Ukraine)” rather than withdrawal.

Zelenskiy said, “We see that Russian troops are deployed in the region to carry out new attacks in Donbas and we are preparing for this.”

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