WarnerMedia and Discovery Merged Under One Roof

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The demand for broadcast services broadcasting over the Internet continues to increase day by day. This naturally leads to an escalation of competition between broadcast services and traditional media and between broadcast services themselves .

The latest development regarding this race has been between WarnerMedia and Discovery . According to new information, these two parent companies , to which HBO Max and Discovery Plus are affiliated, report that they have officially merged to create “the world’s most diverse content portfolio”

WarnerMedia and Discovery coming together under one roof


WarnerMedia and Discovery announced last year on behalf of streaming services regarding this new collaboration that was under development at the time said it will be able to “invest in more original content, improve programming options in global linear pay TV and broadcast channels, and deliver more innovative video experiences and consumer options . Today, investors believe that WarnerMedia and Discovery’s ‘Warner Bros. He announced that the multi-billion dollar deal that will enable him to build a new platform under the name Discovery’ has been approved.

It is stated that this new company, which marks an important period of change for WarnerMedia, will be managed by Discovery president and CEO David Zaslav ; This deal, which makes Discovery a tougher competitor in broadcast and studio space , is expected to be a brand new alternative for the consumer as well.

However, HBO Max and Discovery Plus are expected to merge into a single service at some point. In this way, WarnerMedia’s library of popular and valuable story content combined with Discovery’s global footprint, a wealth of local language content and deep regional expertise in over 200 countries and regions is a challenge for both companies . , a much more advantageous period begins. Experts say that this agreement is extremely logical and has a high potential for success.

A new streaming platform like Netflix is ​​coming?


Of course, it is quite remarkable that the broadcast contents of both companies are fundamentally different . The fact that Discovery is famous for its non-fiction documentary content against HBO, which is known for popular TV series such as Euphoria , arouses curiosity about what kind of broadcasting platform will emerge. This, of course, gives Discovery the advantage of having a content portfolio suitable for almost everyone, such as and Netflix .

In addition, there is the question of how much megamergers like WarnerMedia and Discovery actually benefit consumers at the end of the day . Packaging and rebranding is a huge market in theory, giving consumers more choice. In practice, it seems that we will have to wait a little longer to talk about how this scenario will give viewers an advantage considering the increasing competitors such as Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video.

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