Varank: 300 million lira support will be provided for fast charging infrastructure


Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank announced that support will be given for the electric high-speed charging investment to be made throughout the country.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the “ECO CLIMATE Economy and Climate Change Summit and Fair”, which was organized to combat climate change and minimize the impact of climate change on the economy, Varank said, “For the establishment of more than 1500 high-speed charging stations in all 81 provinces, Stating that they will provide a total of 300 million lira support, he said, “We will give all of this as a grant to our companies that will invest in this field. Thus, we will equip Turkey with charging stations within a year.”

Varank, pointing out that the star of the fairground will be the born electric and autonomous vehicle Togg, said, “When Togg is on the road at the end of this year, it is the star of not only our country but also the world. will be. It will be one of our most important achievements in the fight against climate change with zero carbon emissions.”

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