US plans new sanctions on Russia after Bucha


The USA is preparing to react economically to Russia after the events in Bucha, which is close to the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan noted that they will announce new sanctions against Russia this week after the events in Bucha, Ukraine.

Sullivan also underlined that the US will maintain economic sanctions on Russia in contact with its allies.

Sullivan made comments on the Russia-Ukraine war as a guest of White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki’s daily press conference.

Jake Sullivan, regarding the discovery of civilian bodies in the city of Bucha in the Kyiv region, said, “We have already concluded that Russia committed war crimes in Ukraine, and the information we obtained from Bucha provides further evidence for this. World As one, we will hold accountable for these war crimes.” gave your message.

“Russia realized that it cannot divide the West”

Sullivan said, “Russia realized that it cannot divide the West right now. “We think it has revised its war aims. Russia is withdrawing its military forces to the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. All indications indicate that Russia is aiming to encircle and suppress the Ukrainian troops in eastern Ukraine.” made its assessment.

Stating that the USA believes that Russia will continue its air strikes in Ukraine, Sullivan said, “The next phase of the conflict may be very protracted. We should not be fooled by Russia’s withdrawal of its troops. Now is not the time to reassure ourselves.” used the phrase.

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