US Declares Russian Antivirus Company Kaspersky ‘Threat’

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With a decision taken towards the end of last month, Russia started to invade Ukraine and was on the agenda of the whole world. After this, sanctions against the country began to come from many countries and companies. Of course, considering that we live in a digital age , the cyber world was among those affected by this crisis.

We have conveyed to you that Germany made a statement regarding Russia-based cyber security company Kaspersky in the past weeks. In these statements, it was emphasized that Kaspersky’s antivirus software should not be used due to the possibility of cyber attacks, and the whole world was warned. Now, a statement has come from the United States about this company.

US declares Kaspersky a ‘national security threat’

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US Federal Communications Board (FCC) , Kaspersky Lab. announced that the company has been identified as ‘ national security threat ‘. This statement was also recorded, allowing the US regulator to place a Russian company on the list of companies that threaten security for the first time. In addition, the company received a harsh restriction from the USA in 2017. A presidential order that year banned the use of the cybersecurity giant’s products by the US government and agencies .

The list, updated on Friday, includes the FCC’s companies that “constitute an unacceptable threat to the national security of the United States.” In addition, it was stated in the statements that Chinese telecommunication companies , China Mobile and China Telecom were added to the list, in addition to Kaspersky. Let’s not forget that there are other giant companies such as ZTE and Huawei on the list.

FCC head Brendan Carr also said in his statements, “ The FCC plays a key role in ensuring the security of our nation’s communications network. Keeping our comprehensive list up-to-date also helps us in this regard” and said the following about the new decision: “ There are three Chinese and Russian-supported countries that will harm the interests of the USA and try to spy on our networks . adding the organization to this list will help us protect ourselves from threats”

Kaspersky, on the other hand, expressed his disappointment about this decision . The Russian company stated that their listing was the result of political rather than technical considerations, and expressed its readiness to cooperate with both the FCC and other US regulators to address concerns .

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