Ukraine wants tougher Russian sanctions from EU


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba stated that the EU’s planned fifth sanctions package against Russia is insufficient in its current form.

Publishing a video message from his Twitter account, Kuleba reminded that the European Union has been working on the fifth package of sanctions against Russia in recent weeks, and said, “The fifth package, in its current form, is not an adequate response to Russia’s aggression and Russian crime.” said.

Kuleba stressed that he knows what the planned package includes and that if accepted as it stands, they would have to speak out publicly and make an unbiased assessment of the disproportionate response to the current situation.

Arguing that the EU’s sanctions against Russia should be increased, Kuleba said that the EU’s fifth sanction package will cut more Russian banks from SWIFT, measures to embargo Russian oil, gas and coal, and EU ports to Russian ships and ships. He stated that it should include the closure of his property.

Earlier, Kuleba had appealed to the G7 countries regarding the deliberate killings of civilians by the Russian army in the Kyiv region, demanding the implementation of new “destructive sanctions” against Russia.

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