Top ‘Chances’ Companies to Hackers Announced

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With the increased sensitivity on data security, the efforts of technology giants in this regard have also increased to a higher level. So, what was 2021 like for the biggest tech companies in terms of security vulnerabilities? Data compiled by Telefonica Tech showed that Apple, one of the most trusted names for a long time , had major problems last year.

While there was an increase in cyber attacks due to the effect of the pandemic, it was seen that some giant companies encountered more security vulnerabilities in 2021. The table, including giants such as Google, Microsoft, Huawei and Apple , revealed that security vulnerabilities in companies increased especially in the second half of 2021.

Which company reported how many vulnerabilities?


According to this table, where light blue represents the first half and dark blue represents the second half, Apple reported only 67 vulnerabilities in the first half of 2021, while this number reached 380 with an increase of 467%. The increase in Huawei was more crucial. Huawei, which reported 22 vulnerabilities in the first half, reported 201 vulnerabilities in the second half.

The companies with the highest number of security vulnerabilities throughout the year were Google and Microsoft. The table showed that the number of vulnerabilities increased in Apple, Huawei, IBM, Gitlab and Apache in the second half of the year. Other companies, including Google and Microsoft, have seen a slight decrease in the number of security vulnerabilities. The biggest reduction was seen in Cisco, down from 200 to 107.

And Android or iOS?

Telefonica Tech compared this chart as well as the number of vulnerabilities seen on Android and iOS. Graphs compiled with data from the second quarter of 2021 proved that iOS has fewer vulnerabilities than Android .



Android ended 2021 with more than 500 reported vulnerabilities, while iOS had over 200 vulnerabilities. It was stated that 29 critical 250 vulnerabilities were fixed in Android, and 40 critical 120 vulnerabilities were fixed in iOS.

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