There Has Been a Huge Increase in E-Commerce in Turkey in the Last Year

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The development of technology and the rapid increase in internet use cause many people to turn to digital environments. For this reason, many companies are trying to keep up with this situation by moving their services to the internet. This significantly increases the popularity of e-commerce , which enables commerce to be carried out in electronic environments .

E-commerce is a growing sector in our country as well. Recently, we shared with you that Turkey’s first and biggest e-commerce event World Ecom Expo was held in Antalya and we made an interview with the experts of the subject. Now, the Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBIS) has revealed the e-commerce data of last year, revealing how the industry has grown in our country.

E-commerce volume in Turkey grew by 69%


According to the data shared by ETBIS, e-commerce in Turkey in 2021 The trade volume experienced a great increase. In the statements made, it was stated that the volume in 2021 reached 381.5 billion liras , an increase of 69% compared to the same period of the previous year . In addition, it was stated that the number of orders increased by 46% to 3 billion 347 million units. Last year, this number was 2 billion 297 million.

ETBIS also shared the ratio of e-commerce to general trade. According to the data, this rate has reached 17%. It was stated that the month with the highest ratio of e-commerce to general trade was November , and the rate increased to 20.4% in this month. The reason for this was the increased campaigns in November.

Spending per capita is 4 thousand 749 TL


ETBIS, which also shares the data on e-commerce expenditures per capita, stated that He stated that it increased by 69% compared to the previous year to 4 thousand 749 TL . In addition, on the basis of payment methods, it was added that 37% of the total volume is Wire Transfer/EFT, 3% is cash on delivery, and 60% is card transactions.

Increasing e-commerce businesses were also noted in the 2021 data. According to the statements, the number of enterprises engaged in e-commerce activities exceeded 484 thousand last year and over 162 thousand enterprises engaged in e-commerce activities for the first time. ETBIS, which also examines domestic and international expenditures, noted that domestic expenditures were 349 billion TL with 92%, and foreign expenditures were 16.4 billion TL with 4%.

Men are shopping more through e-commerce


Gender distribution of e-commerce and in which sectors it increases in the latest data also took place. According to ETBIS, the biggest increase was experienced in the accommodation sector with 175% last year. Accommodation was followed by food and supermarket with 162%, travel, transportation and storage with 113%, and airlines with 98%.

Looking at the gender distribution, 48% of e-commerce shoppers are women , 52% are men and 70% of these shopping are mobile applications. observed through.

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