“The practice of selling 25 percent of the export price to the CBRT should be abolished”


Akyüz Plastik Chairman of the Board Murat Akyüz said that the practice of selling 25 percent of the export price to the bank that issued the document to be sold to the CBRT puts the exporter under pressure due to the increasing need for raw materials.

Akyüz, who was a guest of Bloomberg HT, said, “It was a cold shower for our 25 percent industry. It is beneficial not to increase it, but to completely reset it.”

“We demand its abolition”

Stating that they want this application to be abolished as soon as possible, Akyüz said, “The export fees already made remain in our country and these funds are immediately returned to the investments and raw materials. . The currency does not go anywhere else. Therefore, it is not very acceptable to make an obligation to the exporter in this regard. We demand that it be abolished in the future.”

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