The New iPhone SE 3 Didn’t Live Up To Expectations

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Apple officially announced the new ‘cheap’ iPhone model iPhone SE 3 , one of the expected devices of the year, at the event it held on March 8th. But the new SE 3, which comes with improvements compared to the previous generation, apparently did not meet the level of interest that Apple predicted. So much so that Apple decided to cut production just days after the announcement and release of the iPhone SE 3.

According to the claim shared by Nikkei Asia, Apple told its suppliers to cut iPhone SE production for this quarter due to “weaker demand than expected “. The size of the aforementioned ‘partition’ was specified as two to three million pieces . However, it was claimed that Apple also interrupted the production of different products besides the iPhone SE 3.

iPhone 13 and AirPods production was also interrupted, but for different reasons:

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According to shared information, Apple has announced that iPhone SE 3 as well as production of the iPhone 13 series was interrupted. However, the reason for this interruption was explained by the sources as ‘periodic demand change’. In addition, it was stated that the company made cuts in the production of AirPods . The AirPods models in question were not disclosed.

Along with Apple’s cut news, the company’s delivery forecasts have of course dropped. Famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced in his post today that he has reduced the iPhone SE delivery forecast for the year 2022 from 25 – 30 million to 15 – 20 million . If we look at this forecast, Apple can transfer the production cut for the iPhone SE 3 to the next quarters.

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