The epidemic does not slow down in Shanghai

the epidemic does not slow down in shanghai 0 9UMuBwYm

While the spread of the epidemic in China is closely watched by global markets, new records are recorded in cases in Shanghai, the financial center of the country.

According to the city government’s official WeChat account, as of March 28, 4,381 asymptomatic and 96 symptomatic cases were registered in the region. This figure showed that the cases had reached a record level.

50 symptomatic and 3,450 asymptomatic cases were detected the previous day in Shanghai, one of the largest big cities in the country, which has a state-independent administration. It is noteworthy that there is a big difference between the number of cases that have turned into a disease in the city in recent days and the number of cases that do not show any symptoms.

A quarantine decision was taken

The city government announced that a two-stage closure would be initiated in the city of 26 million in order to conduct tests within 9 days.

According to the statement made by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, on 28 March-1 April, in the eastern and southern parts of the Huangpu River, in the region including the commercial and financial center of the city, Pudong and its surroundings, on April 1-5. On the other hand, quarantine will be applied in the areas west of the river.

While citizens are asked not to leave their homes in areas under quarantine; It was stated that online shopping will be allowed for food and daily necessities, provided that the shipments are delivered contactless.

It was noted that all bus, metro, ferry and taxi services in the quarantine areas of the city will be temporarily stopped, closed except for those who meet the essential needs, and the personnel will work from home.

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