Technology Companies Lose $1 Trillion in Value in 4 Days

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The increasing inflation all over the world after the Russia-Ukraine war caused the United States and European countries to announce 40-year record levels . Earlier this week, the US System of Central Banks (FED) caused a great stir by announcing that inflation had reached 8.5% on an annual basis . When similar statements came from European countries, global investors withdrew from the markets.

While the harsh and negative statements from the USA and Europe drew the expectations for a tightening of monetary policy to a closer date, the volatility in the markets hurt many investors. In cryptocurrencies, while Bitcoin fell below $ 40 thousand for the first time this month , frightening data was shared from the NASDAQ stock market.

100 companies’ value decreased by 1 trillion dollars in 4 days:


The market of the 100 most valuable companies in the NASDAQ stock market, where the world’s largest technology companies are listed value has experienced a total decline of 1 trillion dollars in the last 4 days. Thus, the market volume of the NASDAQ 100 index was reduced to $ 16.9 trillion, while the loss in the first three months of the year reached $ 6.2 trillion.

While market experts emphasize that rising bond yields and concerns about the economy are putting pressure on stock markets, the news in China does not indicate a positive future for the markets. While the measures taken with the increasing coronavirus cases in China hit the supply chain , it seems like the chip production will be affected .

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