Swap agreement with Poland from the European Central Bank

swap agreement with poland from the european central bank 0 mbO63TZV

The ECB announced that due to the risks posed by the Russia-Ukraine war, the liquidity agreements with the central banks of some countries outside the Euro Zone were extended and a new swap agreement was signed.

Accordingly, the ECB and the Polish Central Bank established a 10 billion euro swap line until January 15, 2023.

ECB extended its existing temporary swap and repo lines with the central banks of Hungary, Albania, North Macedonia and San Marino outside the Eurozone until January 15, 2023.

Hungarian Central Bank will be able to borrow 4 billion euros, Albanian Central Bank 400 million euros, North Macedonia Central Bank 400 million euros and San Marino Central Bank 100 million euros.

The ECB aims to provide euro liquidity to financial institutions in the country through agreements.

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