Spouses argued over most of the expenses


TUIK, Turkey Family Structure Survey, published 2021 data. According to the research, when the selected topics of married individuals who stated that they have problems with their spouses are examined, 5.6 percent of the individuals spend money, 5.5 percent do not spend time with their family, 4.9 percent do not have enough income, and 3.7 percent 6% had problems with household responsibilities and 3.6 percent had problems with smoking habits frequently or always.

Regarding the age of marriage, it was seen that while women saw the age at first marriage as 25-29 with 47 percent, men defined it as 20-24 years with 37 percent.

When the reasons for the divorce of individuals who have been divorced at least once are analyzed, irresponsible and irresponsible behavior took the first place with 32.2 percent. This reason for divorce was followed by cheating with 14.1 percent, inability to provide for the house economically with 9.8 percent, and beating/mistreatment with 8.1 percent.

Housework was imposed on women

When examining who generally does the housework in the household; Except for the whitewashing/painting of the house, all the works were generally undertaken by a household member. The tasks undertaken by the household members the most were setting and removing the table with 97.5 percent, dishwashing with 97.4 percent (even with a machine) and serving tea in the evenings with 97.0 percent, respectively.

When the housework done by the household member is analyzed by gender, it is seen that women are generally responsible for the housework. Women took on the responsibility of childcare with 94.4 percent, laundry and dishwashing with 85.6 percent, cooking with 85.4 percent, and daily tidying and cleaning of the house at most.

Let the children take care of the elderly

When the perceptions of the individuals about children were analyzed, 83.1 percent of the individuals thought that children should take care of their parents in their old age.

The results of the research are as follows;

– The rate of those who made a marriage contract while getting married was 1.4 percent.

– The most important reason to consider not getting married is to continue education.

– 36.9 percent of first marriages took place between the ages of 20-24.

– The age at first marriage deemed appropriate for women was specified as 25-29 with 47.8 percent.

– The rate of women who dropped out despite wanting to continue their education was 10.6 percent.

– Women’s work and contribution to social life were found valuable with a rate of 82.6 percent.

– Close to 31 percent of individuals over the age of 65 stated that they wanted to receive home care services, 27 percent wanted to stay with their children and 15 percent wanted to go to a nursing home.

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