Software and informatics increased its 2025 export target to 15 billion dollars

software and informatics increased its 2025 export target to 15 billion dollars 0 A5NzrLEY


Software and informatics sectors increased their total export target for 2025 to 15 billion dollars annually. In line with the strategy document prepared by the Service Exporters’ Association, in the breakdown of the software and information sector within the services sector, exports in the field of telecommunication are 2.5 billion dollars, in the sectoral software sector 2 billion dollars, in the gaming sector 5 billion dollars, in the financial technologies 2.5 billion dollars. and defense industry, it is aimed to reach 2.5 billion dollars.

Service sectors are the sector that makes the biggest contribution to Turkey’s GDP with 55 percent. Service sectors also have the largest share in job creation in Turkey. The export target of the service sector for 2025 has been determined as 110 billion dollars.

It is planned to increase the product license and XaaS income within the framework of the steps to be taken in the sector, to expand the sectoral products to the global market, and to productize the developing technologies.

In order to improve the sectoral infrastructure, it is aimed to carry out information, cooperation, business development and lobbying activities for export growth and localization in target countries, to increase the sector’s access to finance, to develop the software developer talent pool, to increase the corporate maturity of the companies, and to establish sectoral follow-up mechanisms.

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