Şişecam announced its investment map at its general assembly


Şişecam’s 86th Ordinary General Assembly was held on March 28 with the participation of the shareholders. Şişecam 2021 Annual Report was shared with the participants at the General Assembly meeting. Şişecam General Manager Görkem Elverici said, “In 2021, the world passed through the days when it had to be repositioned according to the conditions that occur every day due to factors such as problems in the supply of raw materials and breaks in the supply chains. Şişecam achieved a growth rate of 32.1 billion TL in 2021 with the right steps it took” said. According to the statement made, Şişecam made a total investment of 2.6 billion TL at the end of 2021 and achieved a net profit of 9.2 billion TL.

Şişecam General Manager Görkem Elverici, in his statements on the occasion of the General Assembly meeting, said, “2021 was a year when hopes for the global epidemic increased with scientific developments all over the world, demand recovered accordingly, and production struggled to keep up with this increasing speed of demand. Şişecam, on the other hand, successfully left behind another year full of development and investment, in which it experienced the proud positive results of the merger step it took to carry its 86 years of experience and experience into the future.”

Sales in more than 150 countries

Elverici stated that Şişecam achieved results that exceeded its targets in a challenging economic atmosphere and said, “In 2021, the difficulties caused by the pandemic, raw materials We have passed through the days when we had to be repositioned according to the different conditions that occur every day, due to factors such as problems in the supply of goods, breakages in the supply chains. We believe that it will lead to brand new development areas and achievements for Şişecam, which is an actor,” he said.

Noting that Şişecam gained momentum in growth with the right steps it took and achieved a revenue of 32.1 billion TL in 2021, Elverdi said, “Despite the challenging global economic atmosphere last year, we achieved proud results in terms of financial and operational performance. I would like to thank our customers, shareholders, business partners, suppliers and all our stakeholders, especially our employees, who wholeheartedly believe that we will achieve brand new successes in Turkey.”

According to the information given, Şişecam produced 5.6 million tons of glass, 2.3 million tons of soda and 4.5 million tons of industrial raw materials at the end of 2021.

As of the end of the operating period, the company’s consolidated net sales rose to TL 32.1 billion. In this period, the company made a total investment of 2.6 billion TL and achieved a net profit of 9.2 billion TL.

Production capacity 5 million tons

Şişecam decided to make a strategic investment in the USA in 2021 in the field of natural soda. The soda ash capacity it managed, which was 2.5 million tons before the investment, has reached 5 million tons today. The capacity is expected to reach 10 million tons in 2027 and Şişecam is expected to become a world leader in soda ash in 2026.

Making its first investment in glass packaging in Europe in Hungary, Şişecam plans to commission this facility in 2023. With the completion of the investment in 2025, it will have an annual additional production capacity of 330 thousand tons.

Şişecam In line with its target of meeting the rapidly rising glass demand in Turkey; announced two new flat glass line investments exceeding 5.5 billion TL (344 million euros) for architectural glass and automotive glass needs.

Şişecam has announced a glass packaging investment in Eskişehir with an investment of 1.3 Billion TL (85 Million Euro). It aims to respond to the growing glass packaging demand with its furnace investment of 155 thousand tons.

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