Samsung and TSMC, $52 Billion Grant Program Request

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The United States had announced a major program to encourage local chip manufacturing in the country. The program, which will increase chip production on American soil, had a total budget of 52 billion dollars. This budget would provide financial support to companies included in the program. While local manufacturers such as Intel in the USA were included in this program , some of the world giants that are not based in the USA were excluded from the program .

Two of these giants were Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Samsung. According to the news shared by Bloomberg, the giant duo applied to the USA to enter this $52 billion program and to produce more chips on American soil. Both companies made similar statements, explaining why the USA should include themselves and other companies in this program.

“The grant will not be used effectively without us”


TSMC in its statement to the US Department of Commerce “ A company’s general Arbitrary favoritism and preferential treatment based on the location of its headquarters is not an effective or efficient use of the grant and ignores the fact of public ownership for most of the leading semiconductor companies. ”. However, he stated that the United States should not copy the existing supply chain, but instead focus on developing advanced technologies to increase competition, and suggested reforming immigration policy.

Samsung also repeated TSMC’s statement to foreign chip manufacturers. The company said the U.S. government must ensure that all qualifying companies, regardless of country of origin, can compete “on an even playing field ” for U.S. funding.

These two companies continue to invest in US soil even though they are not currently included in the program. TSMC is currently building a massive $12 billion factory, while Samsung is building another $17 billion plant. On the other hand, US-based Intel is building two facilities and one $20 billion chip manufacturing center in two different locations in its own country.

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