Samsung and Oppo Will Collaborate for a Special Series of Chips

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Technology giant Apple is frequently on the agenda with the success of A series chips . Thanks to their successful performance, A series chips are among the most important factors that make the iPhone indispensable for most users .

However, it seems that Samsung and Oppo have their eyes on this success of their arch rivals Apple. Accordingly, Samsung and Oppo are reportedly planning to cooperate to produce special chips in response to iPhone A series chips .

Oppo and Samsung join hands to beat Apple


Samsung smartphone unit manager Roh Tae-moon, He says that Samsung will develop a unique chip for the Galaxy series models . According to speculation, the main reason behind the pressure to develop the new chip is the insufficient performance of the Exynos 2200 chip , which is often criticized for GPS problems and poor cooling performance.

The performance of the previous series of Exynos, which is actually a processor brand using Samsung Electronics’ ARM architecture, was relatively good; however, the fact that the performance of Exynos series chips has not satisfied users in recent years, causes the gap between Samsung, MediaTek and Qualcomm to gradually widen .

According to reports from South Korea, Samsung plans to develop new generation chipsets for exactly this reason. TM Roh, Samsung’s president and head of the MX business unit, says it will produce “one-of-a-kind” SoCs exclusively for Galaxy series smartphones . However, it is stated that the new chipset will differ from other products on the market in that it focuses on improving performance and energy efficiency.

Competition grows


Previously, Oppo used Mariana X, the first display chip it had developed for Find X5. Using DSA’s new golden architecture concept and TSMC’s 6nm advanced process, this chip, which is defined as the best mobile NPU chip in the world , surpasses the 15.8Tops computing power of Apple’s A15 chip, and provides 18 trillion AI calculations per second. can perform. This means that the chip that will be born in the cooperation of Samsung and Oppo can potentially be quite successful.

At this point, Samsung and Oppo also cooperate with Apple as they want to compete directly . On the other hand, the fact that Xiaomi, Honor and other leading manufacturers are also working on chips means that there is a fierce struggle in the Android market.

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