Sabancı Ventures Invested in Two Technology Startups

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Sabancı Group, aiming to be a big supporter of the startups that took the investment tour, made two new investments through Sabancı Holding Corporate Venture Capital Fund ‘Sabancı Ventures’ . Sabancı Ventures, which was established in 2020 after two new investments, increased the total number of startups in its portfolio to 4.

Sabancı Ventures’ new investments offer solutions such as virtual server, firewall, database and technical support Bulutistan and call centers its attempts. Sabancı Ventures had previously invested in Lumnion and Thread in Motion.

Sabancı Group ecosystem opens up to startups:


Sabancı Holding Strategy and Business Development Group President Gökhan Eyigün also explained the advantages they offer to the companies they invest in as follows:

“As part of our vision to create a Sabancı Group that constantly renews itself, develops, strengthens and adapts rapidly to the changing world economy, it is one of the important parts of our strategy. One is to invest in the companies of the future. In this context, we not only make the Sabancı Group ecosystem available to startups, but also enable them to use the Sabancı network to open up to global markets. Since we are a group with a global footprint, taking the initiatives we interact with to the geographies we have access to is one of our most important contributions to the ecosystem in terms of globalization.”


Energy and climate technologies, material technologies and digital technologies, which they call the ‘new economy’, are the most important part of Sabancı Group’s growth journey. Eyigün stated that there will be important elements and explained his goals in the continuation of his statement. The continuation of Eyigün’s statement was as follows:

“When we talk about digital technologies, we have started an investment period within the Sabancı Group in which cyber security, digital marketing, cloud technology, advanced data analytics, internet of things and software development will come to the fore. . With all this, our aim is to increase efficiency and cost advantage in our processes by taking the power of innovation and the digital world behind us; to create added value for our customers by blending our products with new technologies and to provide access to new markets. Sabancı Ventures, with its investments in startups; Our SabancıDx company, on the other hand, will be the locomotive of this entire structuring with its strategic investments.”

Sabancı Ventures, which has a fund size of 30 million dollars at the first stage, aims to grow both domestic and international post-seed and Series A ventures between 500 thousand and 4 million dollars . ) is investing.

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