Russian Ministry of Defense: Operation will stop in Kyiv and Chernihiv

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Russia-Ukraine negotiation delegations came together at the Presidential Dolmabahçe Labor Office.

The following statements were included in the statement made by the Ukrainian delegation after the meeting that lasted for 4 hours;

“Consultations can be done within 3 days no matter what, then the signatories can ensure our security. Who do we want as guarantors: UNSC members, USA, France, Germany, Turkey, Israel.

Only We are waiting for an official confirmation. We want Ukraine’s future security to be guaranteed under this system. Our main demand is that these should have very clear legally binding guarantees of security. In case of an attack, consultations should take place within 3 days, the guarantor countries should support us in such a scenario. This is our main demand. Ukraine will be in a position to accept this agreement, then its neutrality status will be accepted

If the guarantees in Article 5 of the NATO Convention are provided, we will not be able to join any military or political community in such a scenario.

Assurance must be given”

We haven’t been able to agree on the security guarantee yet. Issues such as Crimea should be dealt with in a separate context in the agreement, and the future of these regions should be decided within the scope of negotiations. Reassurance must be given that military force will not be used in the Crimea issue.

Other issues have been somewhat resolved. I would like to draw attention to the spread of disinformation in social media, which will have to be implemented under the state of emergency . The referendum I mentioned may take place when the state of emergency is over. There should be no military repression on the territory of Ukraine, our stance on this issue is firm. Our consultations with Russia will continue in the next two weeks, and we invite the guarantor countries to continue their multilateral talks in the next two weeks. We hope that we can also eliminate the biggest differences between us so far. A multilateral, international, agreement can then be thrown out.

Democratic rights should be provided to our citizens, it would be much healthier to save Crimea from occupation. We will not back down from the negotiations, we will only sign this agreement if the conflicts stop.”

Operations will stop”

Russian Defense Ministry, “The operation in Kyiv and Chernihiv will stop”

The meeting of the Russian-Ukrainian delegations in Istanbul lasted for 4 hours.As the first day of negotiations is completed, the talks are expected to continue tomorrow

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