Quarantine begins in the western part of Shanghai


A curfew will be imposed on the western section of the Huangpu River, which includes Pushi and its surroundings, on April 1-5. While citizens cannot leave their homes, they will order food and necessities online. Orders will be dropped off at contactless delivery points in apartments.

All bus, metro, ferry and taxi services in the quarantined regions will be temporarily stopped, all workplaces and public institutions will close their doors, except for those related to mandatory needs.

In the eastern and southern parts of the city, despite the end of the quarantine announced at the beginning of the week, it was reported that people with cases in their apartments will remain in quarantine for 10 days, and those seen in neighboring apartments will remain in quarantine for 3 more days.

In the city, where 358 cases showing signs of disease and 4 thousand 144 cases without symptoms were recorded in the last 24 hours, it is noteworthy that there is a big difference between the number of cases that turned into a disease and those that did not. This is interpreted as a sign that the Omicron variant continues to spread.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on March 28-1 April, eastern and southern parts of the Huangpu River, including Pudong and its surroundings, and on April 1-5, in the western part of the river including Pushi and its environs. A curfew was announced.

1827 cases

on the mainland in the last 24 hours detected.

No one lost their lives in China, where 40 cases of foreign origin were recorded in the last 24 hours.

In addition, it was reported that 5 thousand 442 cases were detected that did not show any signs of disease although the Kovid-19 test was positive. Chinese health authorities do not include such cases in the overall total.

Cilin, in the northeast of the country, with 1363 cases of domestic origin, was the province with the highest number of local cases. The state also recorded 871 cases showing no signs of illness.

The quarantine in the former provincial capital of Cilin, which has the same name as the province, has been lifted for the last 3 weeks. While citizens are allowed to go out, the obligation to wear masks in closed areas and social distance measures will continue to be applied.

The quarantine application continues in the provincial center Changchun and other cities with cases.

In the mainland of China, where the first cases emerged in the Kovid-19 epidemic, 151,103 cases have been detected so far, 4,638 people have died.

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