PlayStation’s Ex-CEO Recounted His Memories about the Company


Although the game world is now divided into two as PlayStation and PC lovers, PlayStation is currently in a very good position compared to its old days. Although this is the case right now, some of the problems that PlayStation had in the past still remain in the memories of many of us.

PlayStation’s former US CEO, Jack Tretton, also expressed his thoughts on some of the unfortunate events the company had experienced in an interview in an interview. Tretton left PlayStation in 2014 and had both peaked and sunk throughout his career. Tretton’s memories came to light today.

“I thought of my friends in our past conflicts with Microsoft”


As those of you who follow the developments in the game world closely will remember, PlayStation, 1995 – Between 2014, it experienced big drops from time to time. The biggest of these drops occurred with the release of Xbox One, which offers a gaming experience similar to PlayStation, because the company was promoting PlayStation 4 at that time and the attention suddenly shifted to Xbox One. This left the PlayStation 4 in the shade.

It was a very disturbing situation for the company with the “Official PlayStation Used Game Tutorial Video” that Microsoft released for its new game console and mocking PlayStation. PlayStation, on the other hand, was able to inflict a loss of only 100 dollars on Microsoft due to Xbox’s rights violations. In an interview with Axios, Tretton about the situation they were in at the time “I have a lot of friends who worked at Microsoft, and that was the case back then. For this reason, I wanted to act by thinking of my friends. I feel really good about it” . However, that was not the case back then.

‘apologised’ for the hacking of PlayStation


In 2011, PlayStation was hacked and 77 million users’ information was leaked . After this situation , access problems were experienced on PlayStation for 23 days and the company became the target of criticism. At E3, which is seen as one of the biggest events in the gaming world, all members were offered a free 30-day PSN membership. Tretton stated that he was also sorry about this issue.

Again, regarding technologies that PlayStation did not consider receiving enough attention (such as PlayStation Vita) , “There were definitely technologies that I thought were good, but did not have the level of support they needed” says. Tretton adds that “PlayStation did not have sufficient marketing budget at the time and lacked this support” .

Tretton is currently a major part of Interactive Gaming Ventures. He also says that he wants to buy a game company for a billion dollars in the near future . He thinks that although PlayStation has many competitors, its situation has not evolved in a negative direction.

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