People in France go to the polls


In the country where the number of voters is 48.7 million, the current President Emmanuel Macron and the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen will compete in the second round of the presidential election. The winner of the election will become the new president who will rule France for 5 years.

Voting will start at 08:00 local time on the mainland of France and will end at 19:00. In big cities, votes can be cast until 20:00 local time.

Research companies will be able to start giving the estimated results of the election as of the closing of the polls. The official results will be announced by the Constitutional Court on April 27.

The candidate who wins the election will take over the presidency until 13 May.

Current President Macron

Macron, who came to power in France in 2017 as the youngest president in the country’s history, marked the yellow vest movement and the law targeting Muslims. .

Macron’s promises include that, if elected president, his new prime minister will be directly responsible for climate issues. Macron also states that his pension should be at least 1100 euros.

Le Pen

, who is a presidential candidate for the third time, is a candidate for the third time in the presidential election. If elected, Le Pen aims to pass a new law on immigration and hold a referendum for it.

The far-right candidate Le Pen also promises to ban the headscarf in public places.

“Repeat of the presidential election in 2017” comment

AA correspondent extended a microphone to voters in the capital and suburbs of the country that will go to the polls tomorrow.

60-year-old Tunisian-French citizen Abbes Lamjed said that Le Pen and Macron’s qualifying for the second round is predictable.

Lamjed stated that the polls showed that Le Pen could not exceed 50 percent in the presidential election. “The general political opinion in this country is not extremist.” said.

24-year-old Anne Flavie likened the second round of the election to the 2017 presidential election, where Le Pen and Macron competed, “The problem is that Le Pen’s voter is more determined than Macron’s.” used the phrase.

Flavie commented that Macron will win the votes of those who do not want to vote for Le Pen, but people will not be very happy if Macron is elected.

Referring to Le Pen “We avoid the worst.” said Flavie, expressing his wish that other candidates remain in the second round.

Juliette Pengam, a high school teacher in Epinay-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris, also said that if Jean-Luc Melenchon, the leader of the ultra-leftist France Indomitable Movement, qualified for the second round, it would be interesting.

They will vote for Macron to prevent the “extreme right” rule in the second round

Pengam believes that Macron will win the election by a large margin and that most people will believe that the “far right” will come to power. He said he thought he would vote for Macron to prevent it.

Pengam stated that people got fed up with the idea of ​​Macron’s coming to power for the second time, and that there were impossibilities in all public places such as schools and hospitals, and noted that Macron did not satisfy a segment of the society, especially civil servants.

Musician Automne Lajeat, who lives in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, reported that he voted for Melenchon in the first round, but because he could not imagine Le Pen as president, he would vote for Macron in the second round.

Lajeat stated that if Macron were elected president, it would be less violent than Le Pen’s possible rule.

“(Le Pen) is trying to normalize everything I hate, Islamophobia and racism.” Lajeat said, adding that he grew up in France where people from many different communities lived together, and he thought that Le Pen could not maintain this environment.

25-year-old Caroline Sourimant expressed that she wants candidates other than Le Pen and Macron to be left to the second round in this election, unlike 2017.

“I wish I hadn’t gone to vote,” Sourimant said, adding that both candidates did not agree with their views.

Sourimant predicted that many people would not vote or throw a blank ballot, and therefore Le Pen was also a possibility to come out of the ballot box.

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