People in France go to the polls to elect a president


In the election, which will take place in the first round in the country with 48.7 million voters, 12 candidates will rule the country for the next 5 years, which exceeds 50 percent.

If no candidate can pass 50 percent in the first round, the two candidates with the most votes will play their cards in the second round of the election to be held on April 24.

The winner of the election will become the new president of France.

Voting will begin at 08:00 local time on the French mainland and will end at 19:00. In big cities, votes can be cast until 20:00.

Research companies will be able to start giving the estimated results of the election, in which 12 candidates will compete, as of the closing of the polls.

The official results will be announced by the Constitutional Court on 13 April.

The candidate who wins the election will take over the presidency until 13 May.

In the election where 12 candidates will compete with current President Emmanuel Macron, centre-right Republicans (LR) candidate Valerie Pecresse, National Unity (RN) party leader Marine Le Pen and Reconquete party President Eric Zemmour stand out as candidates.

From the left, Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of the Unyielding France Party, is shown as the only leftist candidate to pass the first round.

Current President Macron

The popularity of Macron, who was elected president in 2017 with the liberal policies he brought to the fore, due to the yellow vest movement, which also resonated on the world agenda, and economic and social problems. fell.

Macron, who brought up a law targeting Muslims in order to change the focus of criticism of economic difficulties during the Kovid-19 epidemic, was accused of creating an atmosphere of persecution against Muslims in the country, institutionalizing Islamophobia and discrimination by the international community, non-governmental organizations and human rights defenders. .

Polls show that the second round of the election will be between Macron and one of the far-right candidates, Le Pen.

The “undecided” voter to vote

Virginie Diawara, who lives in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris, said that she still does not know who to vote for, even though the election is one day away.

Diawara stated that the candidates participating in the election were below their expectations and that he would still vote despite this.

Another voter, Jerome Radal, complained that the election process was far from the real agenda and expressed that he was considering voting for Melenchon, although it was not certain.

University student Hasna Bodilis also emphasized that no candidate stood out in this election, but she would still prefer Melenchon so that the vote would not be wasted.

“Promises made before the election are not fulfilled after”

29-year-old Jordan Grougi stated that the election did not attract his attention and said, “(Candidates) promise us something, but we believe that they are realized. we never see.” he said.

Grougi stated that he would not go to vote for this reason.

30-year-old Sarah Lechuga, on the other hand, stated that she would choose Macron in order to maintain stability during the crisis.

Lechuga argued that a single term would not be sufficient to fully understand the actions of a party or president.

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