Peace table in Istanbul

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The negotiation delegations of Russia and Ukraine are meeting at the Presidential Dolmabahçe Labor Office in Istanbul.

The Ukrainian delegation set a minimum target in the negotiations.

In his speech before the talks, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan drew attention to the importance of peace efforts.

Erdogan said: The process has raised hopes for peace. We have displayed an approach that protects the rights, laws and sensitivities of both parties.

As a country that has witnessed a lot of pain in our region, we worked and tried so that a similar picture would not arise in the Black Sea region.

We did not refrain from taking responsibility, we will not. Prolonging the conflict is not in anyone’s interest. Every resource buried in the ground is a value torn from our common future. It is up to the parties to stop this tragedy.

Peace and ceasefire are in the interests of both sides. As of the current stage, you have assumed a historical responsibility as the members of the delegation.

The whole world is waiting for good and good news from you. You are laying the foundations of peace with the guidance of the leaders. We are at every step to make your job easier.

We are ready to host the Leaders’ summit as well. Even your coming together is a reason for hope in the world. I hope that your efforts on the road to peace will turn into good results.

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