Peace in the markets

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After the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine delegations in Istanbul, Russia’s statement that the talks were constructive caused optimism in the global markets as well.

Russian Ministry of Defense stated that “Operation in Kyiv and Chernihiv will be significantly reduced.”

While index futures in the USA rose after the developments, European Stock Exchanges reached their highest level in one month. Barrel price of West Texas type crude oil decreased by 7.1 percent in New York to below $100. The barrel price of Brent oil also decreased by more than 5 percent to $106.

MSCI All World Index rose 0.4 percent, while the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index fell 0.7 percent. The euro rose 1.2% against the dollar and 0.5% in the British pound.

While the 10-year bond yield in Germany increased by 8 basis points to 0.65 percent, the 10-year interest rate in the UK increased by 4 basis points to 1.66 percent, while the US 10-year bond yield remained flat at 2.45 percent.

Gold was traded at $1,895.10 per ounce, down 2.6 percent.

Domestically, the dollar is traded at 14.58 with a 1.6 percent decrease, Euro/TL at 16.21 with a decrease of 0.4 percent, and gram gold at 888 TL with a decrease of nearly 3 percent.

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