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The world has been locked in this war since February 24, when Russia attacked Ukraine. In this process, where the pandemic process, which has been experienced since March 2020, has changed both trade, trade routes and ways of doing business, the business world; He talked a lot about raw material prices, freight supply chain and energy prices.

However, export, supply chain, trade routes and raw materials are on the agenda of the business world. Another noteworthy item on this agenda was warehouses.

“There is uncertainty”

According to the Ministry of Commerce data, there are a total of 1195 warehouses in 41 cities in Turkey, affiliated to 92 customs directorates. Emre Eldener, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers (UTIKAD), stated that there are not many places in temporary storage centers and warehouses, and that there are uncertainties regarding the storage period for transit cargoes.

Expressing that they initially thought that the Ukraine crisis would be short-lived, Eldener said, “However, even if this war ends, we see that the current flow of humanitarian aid and goods will continue intensively, especially to temporary storage centers 2-3 weeks ago ( “For transit transactions, we see much more goods coming in. We expect this to continue,” he said.

“Legislation must be changed”

In order for the warehouse areas to be activated in this process, with a regulation change, a permit for the transit of goods destined for Russia-Ukraine via private warehouses has been granted. Eldener, who underlined that they think it will be of great benefit, said, “At the current conditions, especially in Ukraine and Russia transit transfers, a large number of materials have arrived at the ports and cannot be transferred from there to the warehouses. Because in order for the transit materials to be transferred from the warehouses, there must be a buyer in the transit material. However, these goods have a buyer in Turkey. As such, transit transfer can only be made in temporary storage areas. The capacities of temporary storage areas are also extremely limited. In the past, transit transfers of goods without buyers in Turkey were allowed from private warehouses, but later this permission was lifted and only given to temporary storage areas. Regarding transit shipments to Kraina and Russia, only in Ukraine and Russia, the General Directorate of Customs may make a change in the warehouse regime and take a decision that transit transfers to these countries can be made through warehouses. If this happens, we will not only bring significant new business potential to Turkey, but also take a very important humanitarian step. A temporary arrangement in the warehouse regime will increase the business volume very quickly and will make Turkey a real transfer point.”

“Temporary storage authorization should be given”

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay said, “With the break in the supply chain, our manufacturing companies began to have difficulties in reaching raw materials. Our companies were performing their production activities with a minimum stock of raw materials and intermediate goods before the pandemic.” .

Burkay summarized his views as follows:

“However, the challenging conditions, commodity and raw material prices exceeding 100 percent in foreign currency require our manufacturing companies to hold higher stocks, which also causes accumulation in warehouses. We have to manage the logistics opportunities of our country and the advantages offered by the current conjuncture in the best way.

In this context, it is of great importance for our companies to increase the capacity and number of our warehouses, with their operating expenses increasing. and the temporary reduction of rents in customs areas will be steps that will support our manufacturing companies.”

“Cannot enter Europe”

The evaluations of the business world and sector representatives are as follows:

Kocaeli Chamber of Industry and Economic Development Foundation President Ayhan Zeytinoğlu:

“The tightness that started with the fluctuations in the exchange rate has been continuing for about 4-5 months. However, it is not correct to attribute this only to war.

“Ships departing from Russia towards Europe cannot enter European ports and use Turkish warehouses. Besides, since the warehouse waiting costs are low, goods are withdrawn according to the course of the exchange rate. This is the main reason. The Ministry of Commerce is already present to solve the problem. It has reduced the barriers to opening a warehouse.”

“The warehouses are full”

AKAMİB Vice President Bülent Aymen:

“It is stated that the goods traffic from Russia has started to be made through Turkey and these goods are taken to bonded warehouses and then shipped. However, all warehouses, especially those in Istanbul, are almost full.

Our foreign trade volume is around 600 billion dollars. e-exports exceeded 1 billion dollars. With increasing volume, slowness in issuing warehouse permits creates problems. New logistics warehouse

“Maybe it is kept waiting with the hope of being sent again”

Head of Southeastern Anatolia Exporters’ Unions Coordinator Fikret Kileci:

“The main reason for the fullness of the warehouses; Not being able to send the exported products due to the embargoes arising from logistics and international law due to the Russia-Ukraine war, not canceling the export declarations in the hope of sending the goods back from Russia and keeping the export goods in warehouses.

In addition, there are occupancies due to industrialists stopping or slowing down the production of goods placed in warehouses to be imported pursuant to the inward processing regime, until exports to the Russian market begin.

In order to get rid of the financial burden, there are companies that keep their raw material stocks in warehouses due to disruption in the supply chain and freight problems and import when needed. Another factor is the intensity of transit products coming from Europe and other countries and going to Russia and Ukraine, waiting too long due to handling.

Antalya OIZ Chairman of the Board Ali Bahar: There is no problem in Antalya warehouses. However, the waiting outside may be due to payment and rent.”

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