Meta Pays Politicians to Blame TikTok

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TikTok, one of the most popular social media applications of recent years, is an application that many people love. Of course, like every social media platform, there are many people who do not like or even hate TikTok.

TikTok, which has been the target of criticism by US politicians for a while, lost a small amount of users from the US market. But it soon became clear why politicians only targeted TikTok .

Meta pays politicians underhand


In the news published today by the Washington Post newspaper, Meta, the owner of Facebook It turned out that by literally underhand money to Targeted Victory, a republican consulting agency, he wanted republican politicians to vilify and criticize TikTok. The Washington Post, which captured emails from Meta officials to this agency, stated that Meta was trying to impose the idea that “ TikTok is harmful to the American people .”

In some of the e-mails seized, it was announced that the politicians were asked to say advertisement sentences such as ” , use your native application Facebook instead of using TikTok “. Targeted Victory, on the other hand, declined to make any statements about this “Anti-TikTok” campaign.

Nobody was surprised by Meta’s smear campaign


After this information, no one was surprised that Meta organized this smear campaign was not surprised . It was known by everyone that the Facebook company (now Meta), which has an eventful history, almost hated TikTok. According to Frances Haugen, who revealed some documents about Meta, Meta knew that young people spend 3 times more time on TikTok than Instagram .

When this is the case, many media outlets and social media experts explained that they were not surprised that Meta organized such a campaign to “end TikTok” and paid politicians underhand .

Meta press spokesperson Andy Stone, speaking to the Washington Post newspaper, said that every successfully growing platform should be tightly controlled and should be in a structure that will not harm people, thus accepting Meta’s smear campaign . .

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