Meta Allegedly Working on Digital Currency

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Meta, the umbrella company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, had a big ax about its future plans towards the end of January. Adopting the future of the Metaverse, the company’s dreams of issuing a crypto currency called ‘Diem’ were a thing of the past when the regulators did not allow it directly. But that didn’t stop Meta from developing different digital currency plans .

In fact, according to the new news published by the Financial Times, the company continues to research and explore financial products. Even among these financial products is a virtual currency , which Meta employees call “ Zuck Bucks (Zuck Dollar) ”. Named after Mark Zuckerberg, this currency is not expected to be a cryptocurrency.

The news of Zuck Bucks attracted the attention of the Twitter founder


What is the purpose of the mentioned virtual money Zuck Bucks or what kind of a function is unknown. On the other hand, the Zuck Bucks news shared by the Financial Times managed to attract the attention of an important name in the blockchain industry. Former Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey shared with the Financial Times, “ Incredibly good. (Please be real) ”.

Besides Zuck Bucks, other financial products that the company is working on include, of course, NFTs . According to the Financial Times, the company plans to launch a pilot debut for NFTs on Facebook in the middle of next month . However, it is stated that Meta is also working on tokens such as ‘social tokens’ and ‘fame tokens’, which can be awarded as a reward for contributions in Facebook groups .

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