Media and advertising investments exceeded 22 billion TL


Report, Advertisers Association (RD), Advertisers Association (RVD), Interactive Advertising Association (IAB), Outdoor Advertisers Foundation (ARVAK), National Radio Broadcasters Association (URYAD) and Mobile Media Research, Marketing and Advertising Association (MMA TR) It was prepared on behalf of the independent consulting firm Deloitte.

Media investments have the potential to double

While media investments in 42 countries around the world grew by 28.69 percent compared to the previous year, Turkey’s its share in this volume was 0.47 percent. The ratio of digital media investments to traditional media investments in Turkey ranked 5th out of 42 markets and strengthened its position by increasing compared to the previous year. According to the calculations, it is predicted that the rate of media investments in GDP in our country has the potential to double.

The sectors with the largest advertising investment are retail, publishing and information technologies

According to the Advertising and Media Investments Report, the “biggest sectors” for advertising investments are retail, publishing and information technologies, while the “most growing ones” were information technologies, automotive and tourism, respectively.

The increase in TV advertisement investments is over 43 percent

7 billion 190 million with a 42.41 percent share in media investments in Turkey TV media investments, reaching TL, increased by 43.65% compared to last year. In investments, it was observed that the base effect of the record growth (54%) in the first half of 2021 was carried over to the second half.

Even though the positive effect of Covid-19 in watching was zeroed in the second half of the year, it was observed that the high demand for TV was homogeneous throughout the year. With the positive effect of the high occupancy rates created by this demand, there was a very limited decrease in Grpxsn value below 1% . Among the sectors that have increased their investments, it is observed that the rapid rise of the e-commerce category in recent years continues uninterruptedly.

The biggest share of digital media

As of 2021, digital media investments started to be reported under two main headings as digital partner and direct purchase. Digital partners are defined as the organized media sector that creates brands, protects and expands brand value, and direct purchasing defines organizations that invest and transact with their own means, such as some e-commerce companies, SMEs, and game sites.

In this direction, investments made with digital partners were reported as 7 billion 924 million TL with a share of 46.7 percent, and media investments with direct purchases were reported as 10 billion 943 million TL. Total digital media investments were included in the report as 18 billion 867 million.

It was observed that digitalization accelerated as of March 2020 with the effect of the pandemic and this effect continued in 2021. Among the digital media investments realized in 2021, social media had a share of 60.5 percent and native 3 percent. According to the platform, mobile had a share of 73 percent, and programmatic, according to the form of purchase, had a share of 78 percent.

The share of mobile usage in digital is 73 percent

73 percent of Digital Media Investments were made through mobile and 27 percent via PC. Mobile Media Investment, which was 5,270 million TL in 2020, increased to 13,773 million TL in 2021. Likewise, 70 percent of the total web page traffic displayed was over mobile phones.

With the intense use of social media by consumers, especially during the pandemic, the number of social media users in Turkey reached 69 million. As the advertisers increased their advertisements on social media, mobile took a 60.49 percent (11,413 million TL) share in digital investments, and social media channels ranked first in mobile media investments.

The growth in the press was 6.43 percent

with a share of 1.6 percent in total in media investments in Turkey, reaching 445 million TL increased by 6.43% compared to last year. When compared to the media investments in 2019 (503 Million TL) reported before the pandemic, a shrinkage was observed, excluding the effect of inflation.

With the pandemic, it has been understood that the consumer’s news tracking towards digital media has become a permanent trend. The lack of increase in circulation and reach caused the interest of the advertiser to decrease in the print media and especially in the newspaper. While the use of advertising column*cm decreased, global increases in paper and ink, which are the most important costs apart from labor due to inflation, became important pressure factors on newspapers and magazines.

Outdoors is recovering rapidly

Outdoor air, which has a total share of 5.6 percent in media investments in Turkey, amounted to 946 million TL. increased by 34.58 percent compared to the previous year. It has been observed that the demand of the marketing sector has increased, the outdoor units have diversified, and the use of the open air provides a much more suitable environment for creative works and media planning. The newly added advertising spaces to the outdoor inventory also affected this growth. In the outdoor sector, new tenders and new investments are expected in 2022, and thus new advertising spaces are expected.

The investment rate in radio is increasing: 2022 target is 1 billion TL

Radio media investments have passed despite the full closure in May and December due to Covid-19. It increased by 41.36 percent compared to the previous year and amounted to 417 million TL with a share of 2.5 percent. This increase and the data for the first three months of 2022 enabled the radios to raise their targets for the end of 2022 to one billion liras.

Cinema is expected to reach pre-pandemic values ​​in 2022

Since movie theaters can open in July 2021 due to the pandemic, cinema investments amounted to 31 million TL. . With the release of 38 domestic and 50 foreign films in the first quarter of 2022, the cinema achieved the highest March performance of all time, reaching a total audience of 16 million and 7 million in March. In 2022, the cinema industry is expected to reach pre-pandemic values ​​again.

Consumers’ media consumption habits and online behaviors determine marketing trends

The report also evaluated the changing consumer behaviors that will affect the marketing world. It was pointed out that changing consumer behaviors during the Covid-19 process turned into habits over time. It was stated that consumers spend 6 hours 54 minutes a day on the Internet, 3 hours and 24 minutes in music services, 2 hours and 25 minutes in social media, and 1 hour and 31 minutes on television, and that the behaviors of individuals who spend so much time in digital media guide the marketing efforts of brands.

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