Kremlin: It is important for Russia and Ukraine to start face-to-face talks

kremlin it is important for russia and ukraine to start face to face talks 0 TsdMDU4l

Peskov, in a statement to journalists in the capital Moscow, made evaluations about the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, which are expected to continue in Turkey.

Noting that the negotiating delegations will go to Turkey today, Peskov said, “The possibility of continuing the negotiations today is low. The delegations are going to Turkey today. However, in theory, they can start tomorrow.” he said.

Peskov, refraining from commenting on the negotiation process, said, “Even the decision to start face-to-face talks is important in itself. But for now, we adhere to our policy of not disclosing any details about the negotiations. We believe that this can only harm the negotiation process.” used the phrases.

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