Job vacancies in the US fell in February

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The US Department of Labor has released the JOLTS Jobs Vacancies data for February.

Accordingly, the number of vacant jobs in the country decreased by 17 thousand in February compared to the previous month and decreased to 11 million 266 thousand.

Despite the decline in this period, the number of vacancies, which was above market expectations, was expected to be 11 million. The number of job vacancies was 11 million 283 thousand in January.

The sectors in which the number of vacant jobs decreased in the said period were finance and insurance, and the manufacture of non-durable goods. The number of vacancies increased in the arts, entertainment and recreation, education services and the public sector.

The number of recruitments increased by 263 thousand and reached 6 million 689 thousand in February.

The number of people who were laid off or quit their jobs in the country reached 6 million 92 thousand in total in February.

The number of people who quit their jobs in this period showed a limited change in February and became 4.4 million.

Analysts said the latest data on the number of job vacancies point to continued mismatches in labor supply and demand.

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