Ipsos research: 9 out of 10 people think VAT reductions are not the solution


According to the 102nd period data of the Anticrisis Report by Ipsos, the participants complained about the cost of living and that their incomes were falling.

According to the report, the opinion that the VAT discount on some basic consumer products at the end of March is not reflected in the prices in the market. 9 out of 10 people think that the VAT reductions are not an adequate solution to the high prices in the market.

The rate of those who think that reducing the VAT rate from 18 percent to 8 percent on some products such as cleaning products, shampoo, toilet paper, baby diapers and sanitary pads does not reflect on the prices in the market. The rate of those who think that this discount is reflected in the prices is only 8 percent. The rate of those who think that the VAT reduction on both food and other products is not an adequate solution for the high prices of basic consumer goods is also very high.

The income of 6 out of 10 people decreased

58 percent of individuals say that their household income has decreased in the last 12 months. Those who say that their household income has increased is only 10 percent of the society.

The epidemic and economic problems also affect the mood of the society. Especially with the increase in economic problems, individuals feel more tired and bored. The feeling of fatigue is at 60 percent for the first time.

The most important problem is the economy

91 percent of the society thinks that the economy is Turkey’s most important problem. With the decrease in the effect of the epidemic, the epidemic is no longer seen as a significant problem.

Ipsos Turkey CEO Sidar Gedik said, “For about a year, the economy has stood out as the most important problem of our country. With the weakening of the effect of the epidemic in recent months, the economy has now come to a position to suppress all other problems. As a result, six out of ten people state that their household’s purchasing power has decreased in the last year. VAT reductions are among the measures taken by the state. However, eight out of ten citizens do not think that these discounts are reflected in the labels. And nine out of ten people believe that VAT reductions will not be sufficient to combat high prices

Six out of ten people feel tired, we have never felt so tired. I hope the spring months will not only bring psychological relief, but also some economic relief with the reduction of heating costs.”

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