High inflation drags Biden’s post approval down


Inflation, which is at the highest levels in 40 years in the USA, causes the citizens’ approval of President Joe Biden to decrease.

President Biden’s approval for office dropped to 41 percent, according to Reuters/Ipsos research. In mid-March, Biden’s approval for the post hit its lowest level at 40 percent, then rose to 45 percent. However, the inflation data announced changed the view towards the president in a negative direction.

In the US, the consumer price index increased 1.2 percent month on month in March, with an annual increase of 8.5 percent, the biggest increase since December 1981.

Increases in gasoline, housing and food indices were effective in the rise in consumer prices in the said period. Gasoline prices, which are included in the energy item, increased by 18.3 percent monthly in March and increased by 48 percent annually.

Action is taken for fuel

Biden management took action on fuel prices after the data.

In the statement made by the White House, it was stated that Biden is “determined to do everything in his power” to reduce gasoline prices.

The statement stressed that the Biden administration’s strategy to promote the development of indigenous biofuels is critical in the short term to expand Americans’ affordable fuel options and reduce reliance on fossil fuels to achieve energy independence in the long term.

In the statement, it was stated that Biden took new steps to reach his goal of reducing gasoline prices by increasing the fuel supply, and it was noted that gasoline, which uses a 15 percent ethanol mixture and called “E15”, will be allowed to be sold this summer.

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