From OPEC+ to the USA: Trust us

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Major OPEC members responded to calls from major oil importing countries to increase production faster, saying that if the union does not implement the current strategy, oil prices will be even more volatile and the US should rely on them.

Saudi Arabian Minister of Energy said, “Today’s fluctuations would have been much worse if OPEC+ did not exist or acted together.”

Minister’s statements are repeated by the United Arab Emirates, while OPEC+ countries, including Russia, are preparing to meet on Thursday to decide on oil production levels for May.

The members of the Union did not take any action that they thought of adapting their production plans to the current situation, although oil prices rose to $110 due to the Ukraine war.

OPEC+ has been resisting calls from the US, Japan and Europe to increase production faster for some time.

“We are experts in our field, we have been doing this job for a very long time and we are successful,” said Suahil al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy of the UAE, “We are trying to stabilize the market and it is not an easy task. We are not the only manufacturers in the world and if we say this is true, it is because of our experience. Therefore, you should trust us”.

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