Forbes Shares 2022 Billionaires Report

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Forbes, one of the publications that is published in the first days of April every year and eagerly awaited by the whole world, has released the 36th of the World Billionaires List today. Finally, the list covering the data taken from the markets on March 11, 2022 revealed the number of billionaires in the world and the richest names .

There are currently 2,668 billionaires in the world on the Forbes 36th Annual World Billionaires List. This number was 2,755 in 2021. Again, looking at the current data, the total wealth of billionaire names was measured as 12.7 trillion dollars , while the total number was 13.1 trillion dollars in 2021. In other words, the last 1 year we left behind has not been very encouraging for some billionaires.

329 billionaires left the list, 236 new billionaires came:


A total of 329 billionaires lost their ‘billionaire’ title this year. Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Herd and Peloton’s John Foley were among them. On the other hand, 236 new billionaires joined in place of some names that lost their place in the list of billionaires. Among the new billionaires Rihanna, Peter Jackson and Josh Kushner were also included.

Data also showed that Barbados, Bulgaria, Estonia and Uruguay had their first billionaire citizens. However, the report showed that despite a bumpy 12 months , 1,050 billionaires are richer than a year ago . Of course, Elon Musk was the name that increased his wealth the most.

Elon Musk, As of March 11, 2022 had a fortune of 219 billion dollars. While Musk’s wealth has increased, especially with the purchase of 9.2% of Twitter in recent days and Twitter shares have increased, the data could not keep up to date as it was until March 11. After Elon Musk, the second name on the list was Jeff Bezos . Bernard Arnault took the third place . Top 5 completed with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett .

Other highlights from Forbes’ report were as follows:

  • 86 of billionaires are less than 40 years old.
  • The world’s youngest billionaire is 19-year-old Kevin David Lehmann.
  • The country with the most billionaires was the USA with 735 billionaires. China and Russia followed the USA.
  • With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 34 Russian billionaires lost their billionaire title.
  • There were only 327 female billionaires worldwide.
  • 71% of billionaires became billionaires through their own efforts (by founding/sharing a company).
  • 30 billionaires died.

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