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Although the economic situation and production capacity of our country are often open to discussion, we cannot ignore the great developments in our defense industry in recent years. In addition to the production of many different military equipment, extremely important works such as the T129 ATAK Helicopter continue at full speed. One of the reasons that makes the T129 ATAK Helicopter special is that it is produced exactly in accordance with the conditions of our country.

T129 ATAK Helicopter is one of the most effective attack helicopters in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces. Considered one of the most important productions of the Turkish defense industry, this helicopter is also exported to different countries besides Turkey. So we can sit back and be proud that we did it. Let’s take a closer look at the prominent features of the T129 ATAK Helicopter , the apple of the eye of our defense industry.

All information about T129 Atak Helicopter:

What is T129 ATAK Helicopter?
T129 ATAK Helicopter highlights:
Flexible and adaptable weapon configuration
AVCI helmet integrated control system
Superior mobility
Modern electronic warfare systems
T129 ATAK Helicopter technical specifications
Companies participating in the T129 ATAK Helicopter production and their duties

What is T129 ATAK Helicopter?

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T129 ATAK Helicopter was planned on 7 September 2007 with the contract signed between the Presidency of Defense Industry and Turkish Aerospace Industries, briefly TAI. Requested under this contract; was a unique attack helicopter for hot air – high altitude missions . This helicopter was also required to be compatible with all day and night operations carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces.

T129 ATAK Helicopter, produced in this context, took off for the first time in 2011. After the test process , the first delivery to the Turkish Armed Forces was made in 2014. It is known that until February 2021, a total of 60 T129 ATAK Helicopters were delivered to the Land Forces Command, the Ministry of Interior Gendarmerie General Command and the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Security.

T129 ATAK Helicopter to the Turkish Land Forces , 59 of which 59 are absolute optional, to which TAI will provide lifetime logistic support as the main contractor, a total of 91, Ministry of Interior , 24 for sure, 3 of which are optional, a total of 27 more will be sent, along with 30 to Pakistan Land Forces , and 6 to Philippines Air Force . It has been announced that two T129 ATAK Helicopters will be sent.

T129 ATAK Helicopter highlights:

  • Flexible and adaptable weapon configuration
  • AVCI helmet integrated control system
  • Superior mobility
  • Modern electronic warfare systems

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Flexible and adaptable weapon configuration:

Night T129 ATAK Helicopter , which was developed to provide the highest performance in day and night conditions, has a sensitive target detection and night vision system . The weapons that can be configured for the T129 ATAK Helicopter, which successfully performs tasks such as armed reconnaissance, close air support, asymmetrical combat, precision attack, and deep attack, are as follows;

  • 500 grains of 2 mm cannon ammunition
  • 76 unguided rockets
  • 8 UMTAS / LUMTAS Anti-Tank missiles
  • 19 CIRIT lasers guided missile
  • 8 STINGER air-to-air missiles

AVCI helmet integrated control system:

One of the features that makes the T129 ATAK Helicopter unique are systems developed together. Thanks to the AVCI Helmet Integrated Target Detection and Control system , which is one of these systems , all of the digital parameters are reflected on the pilot’s helmet. In addition, with this system, the control of all guided and unguided ammunition is left to the pilot’s gaze, making precise shooting possible.

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Superior mobility:

The number one production purpose of the T129 ATAK Helicopter is to offer maximum performance in hot weather and high altitude missions. All its features are optimized for it. All the systems it has can be quickly configured during use. In this way, the mobility is flexible and adaptable. Some of these features are as follows;

  • High performance capability
  • High maneuverability
  • Asymmetrical weapon load
  • Low visibility feature
  • Low acoustic feature
  • Radar track
  • High level impact strength
  • Ballistic tolerance

Modern electronic warfare systems:

The T129 ATAK Helicopter is a true attack helicopter. So we hope we never have to use it, but in a real war situation this vehicle can get into hot conflict. It is equipped with the latest military technologies of today’s world in order to withstand such harsh conditions and to offer high performance in every field. Some of the military technologies of the T129 ATAK Helicopter are as follows;

  • Missile warning system
  • Radar warning receiver system
  • Precautionary launch system
  • Radar frequency mixing system
  • IR infrared counter countermeasure system
  • Laser receiver system

T129 ATAK Helicopter technical specifications:

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  • 14.54 m / 47.70 ft long
  • 3.46 m / 11.45 ft wide
  • 3.95 m / 39 ft high
  • 11.90 m / 39 ft main rotor diameter
  • 5065 kg / 11166 lb maximum take-off weight
  • 2 crew capacity
  • 281 km / 152 kts maximum cruise speed
  • 537 km / 190 nm flight range
  • 4221 m / 13850 ft HOGE ceiling height
  • 4572 m / 15 thousand ft HIGE ceiling height
  • 4572 m / 15 thousand ft duty ceiling height
  • (98007 12) 13.16 m/sec/min 2610 ft/min climb rate

  • 7.3 m/min 1430 ft/min vertical climb rate
  • 3 hours airtime
  • Central control computer
  • Radar with altitude measurement
  • 4-axis flight control system with full numerical capability
  • VHF and UHF receiver
  • 2 multi-function displays for pilot and co-pilot
  • High frequency sensitivity receiver
  • Airstone display system
  • IIF transponder
  • Integrated navigation system
  • Frequency bouncer with voice encoding feature
  • Digital based flight map system
  • Image data systems
  • Flight data control and management system
  • DAS package with passive and active countermeasures
  • Emergency locator transmitter
  • (98 00712) Mission management system

  • External additional fuel tanks
  • Planner with laser range finder
  • EO, FLIR and CCTV
  • Disconnect system
  • Ballistic weapons trajectory processing system
  • Icing detection system
  • Night vision system
  • Infrared suppressor

One of the prominent technical features of T129 ATAK Helicopter some are like this. The best part about these features is that they are updatable. In other words, according to the developments in war technologies in the coming years, all these features can be added and the T129 ATAK Helicopter can be optimized for the conditions of the day.

T129 ATAK Helicopter companies and their duties:

  • TUSAŞ;
    • Production process control and management
    • Training studies
    • Assembly process control and management
    • Integration process control and management
    • Flight testing , control and management
    • Logistics support
    • Production of mission computer and software
    • Production and integration of avionic systems
    • Procurement and integration of necessary weapon systems
  • AgustaWestland;
    • All changes on CTS800-4A engine
    • Development and integration of automatic flight control system
    • Development and integration of helicopter systems monitoring unit
    • T129 ATAK Technology transfer used in the helicopter

We talked about the prominent features of the T129 ATAK Helicopter, which was developed to offer the highest performance considering the geographical conditions of our country. You can share your thoughts on Turkey’s defense industry moves in the comments.

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