Exports decreased by 40 percent to Russia and 80 percent to Ukraine in March.


With the effect of the war, it started to be seen in the export data of March. According to the data announced by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM), exports to Russia decreased by 39.9 percent in March and fell to 252 million 380 thousand dollars. The export made in the same month of the previous year was 419 million 784 thousand dollars. In the first three months of the year, exports to Russia decreased by 4 percent to 1 billion 70 million dollars.

Sharp fall in Ukraine

Exports to Ukraine decreased by 79.9 percent in March, falling to 41.7 million dollars. Exports to Ukraine in the same period of last year were 207 million 483 thousand dollars.

With the effect of the war, foreign sales to Ukraine in six sectors, namely carpets, dried fruit products, value industry products, jewellery, tobacco, olive and olive oil, were zeroed.

In Ukraine, where the crisis continues, an increase of 13 percent was observed in the glass, cement and ceramic products sector in March.

On the other hand, exports to Ukraine decreased by 81 percent and exports to Russia by 42.1 percent in February.

While the loss of exports to Ukraine in the first three months of the year was 8.6 percent, the export made to this country in three months amounted to 442.8 million dollars.

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