EU: We asked China for help to end the war in Ukraine


Michel and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen held a press conference at the end of the EU-China summit, which was held by videoconference.

Expressing that the 23rd summit between the two sides was extraordinary due to the war in the European continent, Michel said that they talked with Chinese Premier Li Kiqiang and Chinese President Xi Jinping about what they can do to end the war.

Michel stated that both sides agreed that the war had a negative impact on the world economy and security, and that they asked China for help to end the war.

Emphasizing that their aim is to put pressure on Russia, Michel underlined that those who help Russia to overcome the sanctions will prolong the war.

Michel; He noted that they conveyed their concerns about human rights violations in the regions of Xinjiang, Tibet and Mongolia.

When asked about China’s response, Michel said, “The Chinese authorities reiterated their will to work to achieve peace, security and stability.” said.

EU-China trade

Von der Leyen also stated that the EU’s position was very openly and honestly conveyed to China, and China’s United Nations Security Council (UNSC) He stated that they talked about the fact that he should assume a special responsibility because he is a member.

Noting that they asked China not to interfere with the sanctions against Russia even if it does not support it, von der Leyen said that 2 billion euros worth of goods and services are traded between the EU and China every day, and this figure is 300 million euros between Russia and China. He said he was around.

Von der Leyen reported that they asked China to remove the restrictions they imposed against Lithuania that affect the EU’s Common Market.

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