EU decides to accelerate Ukraine’s accession


Von der Leyen met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy during his first visit to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, since the beginning of the war.

Addressing Zelenskiy, “My message today is clear. Ukraine belongs to the European family. We heard your request loud and clear. And we are here today to give you the first affirmative answer.” said.

Von der Leyen presented an envelope to Zelenskiy, stating that its content includes the subject of the negotiations for membership with the EU in the coming months, “Your path to the EU begins here. We will be at your service 24/7 to work on this common ground. ” he said.

President von der Leyen stated that exports to Russia fell by almost 71 percent, inflation in the country was around 20 percent, more than 700 private companies left the country, and EU member states froze 225 billion euros of Russian assets.

500 million euros additional aid

Noting that 500 million euros will be offered to Ukraine in additional aid, von der Leyen said, “Today we provide 1 billion euros of support. This amount is three times a year. It consists of different financial packages. We are transferring 120 million Euros of budget support. We will now make 330 million Euros available from our emergency package. Both are grants. We are speeding up the second half of the 600 million Euro macro-financial support package.” he said.

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