Erdogan: We will provide 1 or 2 years of employment guarantee to every individual who is employed


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made statements after the Cabinet Meeting.

The headlines from Erdoğan’s statements are as follows:

“I sincerely hope that the mercy, forgiveness, forgiveness and blessings of the month of Ramadan be upon all Muslims and all humanity, together with our nation. Unfortunately, in recent years, I have always kept the Ramadan months.

“The supply system is still not fixed”

The supply system, which was broken during the epidemic, is still not fixed. On the contrary, with the war in the north of the Black Sea It has faced new threats. The problems that are getting heavier in a wide area are deeply shaking all countries from the rich to the poor.

It is possible to see similar pictures all over the world, especially in the geography we are in the center of. It is possible to see similar pictures all over the world. Even if there are people who cannot follow what is going on, we follow all these developments closely.

We are striving to mobilize all the power, possibilities and potential of the country in order for Turkey to overcome the difficult period and reach its goals as soon as possible. We did this during the pandemic. Now we are taking steps to turn the ongoing global crisis with the Ukraine-Russia war into an opportunity.

“The effects of the global crisis on our country continue”

Today, Turkey is the only country that can maintain close relations with both sides of the war and ensure that concrete progress can be achieved by bringing the parties together. Of course, the problems experienced at the global level have reflections on us as well. The attacks launched over the exchange rate and interest rate discussions to collapse our economy and the effects of the global crisis on our country are still continuing.

We deeply feel the consequences of the Russia and Ukraine crisis, especially in energy and food prices. It is not possible for us to prevent the prices of products supplied by our country from global markets, such as oil, natural gas and some mines, from increasing exponentially in foreign currency.

“There are also those who are greedy who increase the prices of basic necessities”

The price increase of raw materials used in the food sector concerns us closely. We cannot ignore the increase in vegetable and fruit prices under seasonal conditions. Thank God, we have the production capacity that will not deprive our own people of basic foodstuffs.

In an open economy integrated into the global system, it’s not enough for you to be self-sufficient. While you sell some of the products you have abroad, you buy products as external consumption. When the balance in the supply of products is disturbed, prices rise exorbitantly. The highest inflation figures of the last 40 years announced in the USA show unlimited dimensions.

Such a situation has arisen in many subjects from oil to sugar, from flour to meat. Our priority is to ensure that our citizens have uninterrupted and most appropriate access to basic needs, based on the fact that the most expensive goods are non-existent goods. There are also greedy segments that raise the prices of our people’s basic necessities.

“We are aware that there is a difficult picture before us”

We followed those who made an agreement with each other and increased their prices by stocking and even destroying their products. We are fighting these greedy people in the free market by using the public’s control and sanction powers. Since the problem is moral, we have difficulty in getting the results we want.

We are aware that we have a difficult picture before us. We approach with an understanding that takes care of all segments, protecting their gains and compensating for their records. We hope that both domestically and internationally, the product supply will stabilize again, supply channels will start to function, and the bubble in prices will subside.

“We will speed up the regulations to calm the market”

We will speed up the regulations that will prevent unnecessary panics and calm the market, as well as measures to increase income. I hope we will leave this period behind by fighting harder.

We say that we will entrust our country to the next generations in line with the 2023 targets, especially the 2053 and 2071 visions. With our statement of contribution to the UN Climate Change Conference, we declared the first concrete goal of our 2053 vision. Today, I would like to share with you the 2053 Transport and Logistics Master Plan of our vision, which we attribute to the conquest of Istanbul.

Europe-Asia-Africa holds great opportunities for us. The world trade volume, which was 12 billion tons, is expected to reach 25 billion tons in 2030 and 95 billion tons in 2050. The UN points out that this rate will increase to 70 percent by 2050.

“Turkey has come a long way with its investments in 5 main sectors”

It is understood that the demand for transportation will double in 2050. It will be accepted how important and accurate the steps taken by our country in the field of transportation in the last 20 years have been. It has started to accelerate investments in order to get the highest share from the potential that will emerge in other countries. It is known that the USA plans an infrastructure of 2 trillion dollars and China 559 billion dollars. Turkey, on the other hand, is a country that has come a long way with its investments in 5 main sectors.

Thanks to the investments we have made, Turkey has managed to increase its production by more than 1 trillion dollars. We produced economic results that provided employment for nearly 18 million people, half of which were new. We contributed more than 520 billion dollars to our national income. As we prepare for tomorrow, we have focused on human, data and freight mobility.

We take our steps by addressing these elements in the axis of logistics, mobility and digitalization. The construction of smart highways is one of these applications. We have prepared our transportation and logistics master plan with an understanding that cares about the common sense based on data. First of all, we made a needs analysis according to current socio-demographic land use, transportation systems, infrastructure and tourism data.

We have developed scenarios in which environmentalist and smart transportation systems aiming to reduce emissions come to the fore. Our railway investments have now come to the fore. We had significantly revived our railroads, which had been abandoned for years. The length of our renewed railway line increased from 10 thousand 959 kilometers to 13 thousand 22 kilometers. Our goal is to carry it to 28 thousand 590 km.

“We will increase the number of provinces to 52 on high-speed train lines”

In the transportation and logistics master plan, we gave special importance to railways. We are determined to increase the passenger transport of railways to 6.2 percent. This means that the number of our railway passengers will reach 145 million and 270 million in 2053.

Our aim is to reach the level of 22 percent by transporting 440 million tons of cargo by rail in 2053. We plan to increase the share of the railway abroad 10 times. We will increase the number of provinces from 8 to 52 on high-speed train lines.

With new investments, we will increase our road service level to the highest level and establish uninterrupted and comfortable transportation. We have already increased our divided road network to 28,650 km and our highway network to 3,633 km. Our target is to increase the divided highway to 38 thousand km and our highway network to 8 thousand 325 km by 2053.

“The number of airline passengers will increase to 344 million in 2053”

It is expected to carry 255 million tons of cargo from our ports next year. For this purpose, the number of port facilities, which is currently 217, will be increased to 255 in 2053. The Kanal Istanbul project, on the other hand, is of critical geopolitical importance to reduce the ship traffic in the Bosphorus.

In terms of air transportation, Turkey has 56 airports that support its rapidly growing economy and tourism. It will rise to 6a1 in the coming years. We are opening the Rize-Artvin airport right after the holiday. The number of airline passengers, which is currently 210 million annually, will increase to 344 million in 2053.

As we continue our way with advanced technology in communication, we will weave fiber networks all over our country. Our goal is to reach 100 percent mobile broadband density. Hopefully, thanks to our expanding satellite fleet, we will become one of the world’s leading countries that can serve on a global scale in this field.

“No one will be able to prevent the construction of a great and powerful Turkey”

A new investment of 198 billion dollars for railway, highway, seaway, airway and communication with 5-year plans we will do. The contribution of the sector to our national income will exceed 1 trillion dollars by 2053 and will bring more than 5 times the investment value to our country.

The contribution of the transportation and communication sector to production in 2053 will increase to approximately 10 times the investment value with 1.94 trillion dollars. Our aim is to take our country’s distinguished place among the developed countries of the world, not the developing ones, at the end of the process.

An era is about to end for our country, which could not take the place it deserves in the world order established after two major world wars. No one will be able to prevent the construction of a great and powerful Turkey, whose every attempt at democracy and development has been blocked by many methods, from one-party fascism, tutelage, to coups.

We are determined to reach our country’s goals beyond the infrastructure of works and services we have established in the past 20 years. We have completed the tasks that other countries and societies would not have completed in a quarter of a century if they started today. The global crises experienced due to the disruptions in the production and supply chains of course cause some problems within the country. Unbalanced price increases may cause a temporary decline in the welfare levels of our citizens with low and fixed incomes.

The main thing for us is that each and every one of us can find a job to work, bread to take home, and a home to put his head in. By eliminating the uncertainty of the exceptional jump in prices, we will focus on an economy based on growth through investment, employment, exports and current account surplus.

The annual industrial production index increased by 13.3 percent as of February, showing that production-based growth continues. Industrialists, transporters and exporters know the value of this table. Labor force statistics indicate that unemployment continues to decline. Those who have been humiliated because they haven’t been able to find a job for years know the value of increasing employment.

Our Ministry of Labor will cover the social support premiums of each worker to be recruited by companies that undertake additional employment, as of 3 or 6 months. We will have created an employment guarantee of 1 or 2 years for each individual who is employed. We urge our employers to take advantage of our new program.

We have decided to extend the application and payment period for the sale of 2B lands until 31 December. We are abolishing the application period for the Treasury immovables, which we have allowed our farmers to rent for 10 years for half of the reciprocal price for agricultural use.

We offer our farmers, who use the Treasury immovable for 3 years, the opportunity to rent this land without seeking any other conditions. Those who have completed the 10-year period will be able to purchase.

I think it is necessary to share the good news that we have passed the 100 thousand megawatt limit in energy power. In terms of installed power, we ranked 6th in Europe and 14th in the world. When we arrived, we achieved a revolution by reaching 54 percent of our installed power in renewable resources, which did not exist at all except hydroelectricity.

We sent the Yavuz drilling ship to the Türkali 2 well last week, during the natural gas work that we discovered in the Black Sea and will be put into use next year. With the addition of the newly purchased drilling ship to our fleet, we will accelerate these works even more.

We are struggling day and night to realize projects that will meet the needs of the future beyond solving problems in every field from energy to food. Just as we have settled every issue of our country, I hope we will solve today’s problems again.”

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