Employment support from the EU to immigrants in Turkey

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Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey and EU Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut stated that if both Syrian immigrants, local people and those under temporary protection become entrepreneurs, this will contribute both to the integration of immigrants and to the Turkish economy. brought.

Answering questions by participating in the Bloomberg HT broadcast, Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut explained the main objective of the Enhancer project as “Helping both Syrian refugees and those given temporary protection, and creating employment and employment opportunities”.

Landrut stated that enabling immigrants to earn their own living and enabling them to become entrepreneurs would be positive for both the integration of immigrants and the Turkish economy, adding, “The project takes place in 11 cities across the country, where immigrants and those under temporary protection are concentrated. Some meetings with the Ministry. “The sectors with better employment opportunities were selected. We especially listened to how the textile and footwear sectors grew. The decision was made considering the proximity to the market and production points. It was based on contributing to both the local people and the immigrants.”

Expressing that Syrian immigrants’ being entrepreneurs can contribute to Turkey’s exports due to their relations with the Arab world at the point they can produce, Landrut said, “Their languages ​​and their relations with the Arab world will help and contribute to commercial relations.”

Turkey also has difficulties

Regarding the current Russia and Ukraine tension, Turkey has two two ways for a solution. Expressing that the effort to bring the parties together is quite positive, Landurt said, “These efforts can bring the situation to a positive point. Ukraine’s state sovereignty needs to be recognized.”

Saying that the EU has taken important decisions to reduce its energy dependence on Russia, Landurt made the assessment that “Turkey has the same difficulties as the EU in terms of energy dependency and diversification of energy supply.” Landurt drew attention to the need to find new resources and take steps, especially renewable energy.

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