Elon Musk: Tesla Could Start Lithium Mining

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Due to the carbon emissions that seriously affect the world, many automobile manufacturers have turned to electric vehicles . Many giant companies are planning to reduce their carbon footprint by giving up internal combustion engines and cut reliance on fossil fuels altogether.

However, it should be noted that there is a major obstacle in front of manufacturers in the transition to electrification of automobiles. This is the presence of rare elements used in vehicles’ rechargeable batteries. According to the authorities, mining of the element lithium used in batteries has become very difficult due to environmental effects and costs. For this reason, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, thinks that the company can make moves in this regard.

Tesla can start lithium mining


First, let’s talk briefly about the environmental concerns about lithium mining. According to the authorities, the removal of this element, which is of great importance for electric vehicles; has the potential to pollute water resources, increase greenhouse gases, damage fertile soils and living ecosystems, and generate large wastes . This situation reveals that the use of lithium, which is expected to create a ‘clean’ future, creates a contradiction in electric vehicles, whose mining seems to cause great pollution.

It should be noted that there has been a global lithium crisis due to the increase in demand for electric cars, and lithium prices have increased by more than 450% in the last 12 months. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also signaled that his company can enter this sector by tweeting on this subject on Friday. Drawing attention to the problems experienced in lithium, Musk said in his statements:

The price of lithium has reached crazy levels. Lithium is found all over the world; this shows that there is no problem with the element itself, the main problem is in extraction and refinement . For this reason, Tesla can enter directly into mining and refining.

In addition, let’s say that other companies are working to reduce the dependency on this element, which is difficult to remove. Some researchers think that zinc could be a good alternative, while others think that sodium-ion batteries could be used in electric vehicles. However, it should not go without saying that there is currently no complete alternative that can be produced at a suitable scale and can rival the energy density of lithium-ion batteries .

Despite the rapid increase in demand, we can say that we are in a difficult period for electric vehicle manufacturers due to the global chip crisis, inflation problems and rising commodity prices. We will see over time whether Tesla will make a move on lithium or whether there will be an alternative to this element.

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