Election Law amendment passed by Parliament


According to the law, the country election threshold applied as 10 percent in the elections will be reduced to 7 percent.

If the total votes received by the alliance exceeds the country threshold, the calculation and distribution of deputies in the electoral districts will be made by taking into account the number of votes received by each party in the alliance in that electoral district.

The number of deputies to be elected by each of the political parties forming the alliance will be determined by the general D’Hondt practice, based on the number of votes they have obtained within the alliance in each constituency.

If the party that has qualified to participate in the elections has not held its district, provincial and grand congresses twice in a row, within the periods stipulated in the Political Parties Law and specified in the party statute, it will lose its eligibility to participate in the elections. Having established a group in the Turkish Grand National Assembly will not be one of the sufficient conditions for participating in the elections.

Visually impaired voters will be able to vote in accordance with the principle of voting secrecy. In this context, the Supreme Election Board (YSK) will provide templates suitable for ballot papers for visually impaired voters to use.

Determination of the election board

Provincial election board will consist of a chairman, two full members and two substitute members.

Provincial election board chairman and full members and alternate members, judges who work in the city center every two years in the last week of January, who have not received reprimand or more severe disciplinary punishment, have been assigned to at least the first class and have not lost their qualifications for being assigned to the first class. Among them, the judiciary will be determined by the first instance court justice commission by drawing names. The first judge to appear in the name drawing will be determined as the president, the next two judges as the main and the last two judges as substitute members. In case the number of judges participating in the drawing is less than five, the missing permanent and substitute members after the drawing process is made among these judges, starting with the most senior judge.

In the absence of a judge who will participate in the drawing, the chairman, permanent members and alternate members will be determined starting from the most senior judge. The provincial election board established in this way will serve for a period of two years.

In determining the seniority, those who have received reprimand or more severe disciplinary punishment will be considered less senior than others.

In case the chairmanship of the provincial election board becomes vacant, the most senior judge among the permanent and substitute members will preside over the provincial election board.

In the districts, among the judges working in the district who have not been condemned or severely punished, and who have not lost their qualifications for being in the first class and have not lost their qualifications for the first class, in the central districts, among the judges who have the same qualifications, by the judicial commission of the first instance court, by drawing names. The appointed judge will be the chairman of the board.

In the absence of a judge who will participate in the drawing, the most senior judge will be the chairman of the board.

Update on the electoral roll 3 months ago

A party that has the right to notify members to the ballot box committee will not be able to nominate another party member as a ballot box committee member without its consent.

In local administrations general elections to be held in accordance with the Law on Elections of Local Administrations and Neighborhood Headmen and Boards of Elders, an update will be made on the electoral roll 3 months before the start date of the election based on the residential address.

Voters will not be deprived of their right to vote in any way due to the registry regulation. The last valid address information available in the address registration system of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs will be taken as the basis for those whose addresses are not visible in the address registration system due to the fact that their addresses have been closed.

Regarding the voter transfer requests made from one electoral district to another within the suspension period of the headman’s district hanger lists, upon an objection by the chairman of the district election board or upon the conclusion that the transfer request is a suspicious attempt, ex officio, as a result of the research and examination, the transfer request is not accepted. If it is not accepted, the voter registration will not be frozen and the voter registration will continue at the address where it was registered.

The chairman and members of the provincial election board and the chairman of the district election board will be re-determined according to the changes made within 3 months from the enactment of the law. The chairman and members determined in this way will complete the term of office of the previous chairman and members.

In parallel with the Presidential Government System, the term “Prime Minister” in the Election Law will be removed from the law.

From the Interviews

AK Party, CHP, HDP and IYI Party; Separate proposals regarding the removal of the article that regulates the certification of the elected headman within 10 days that he has the eligibility to be elected were combined and discussed.

AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Muhammet Emin Akbaşoğlu, who spoke on the proposal, said, “We are withdrawing this article in order to conduct a more comprehensive study on our mukhtars, who are the apple of our eyes.” said.

After the adoption of the motions, the said article was removed from the text.

Deputy Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Celal Adan closed the meeting to meet on Tuesday, April 5, after the adoption of the law proposal.

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