Election day in Hungary and Serbia


The people of Hungary and Serbia hold their elections to elect new members of parliament and prime minister.

Hungarian people went to the polls to elect new members of the National Assembly and for a referendum.
In the country with a population of approximately 9.7 million, 8 million 200 thousand voters started to vote for the government and referendum.
The voting process, which starts at 06:00 local time, will continue until 19:00.
Hungarian people will choose between Viktor Orbán, who has been criticized for his homophobic and authoritarian policies, who want to continue his 12-year premiership, and Péter Márki-Zay, the joint candidate of the six parties.
In the Hungarian Parliament, which has a total of 199 seats, 106 deputies are determined according to the “narrow district system”, in which the candidate with the most votes wins. In the narrow district system, the candidate with the highest number of votes in the first round becomes a deputy. The remaining 93 deputies are selected from the list of parties based on their votes.

There is also a referendum

In Hungary, voters will only vote for the new parliamentary LGBTQ+ rights. With the referendum, voters are asked for their views on legislation limiting the teaching of LGBTQ+ issues in schools.

“The turnout will be high”

In Serbia, too, the people vote for local, parliamentary and presidential elections.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who was nominated as the strongest candidate by the pre-election polls, said in a statement after voting in Belgrade that he believed the turnout would be high.
The number of voters in Serbia, where the population is 6 million 908 thousand, is 6 million 500 thousand with Serbian citizens abroad.
The election will determine the president and members of the 250-seat parliament, as well as 12 municipalities and local governments in two cities, including Belgrade.

Except for Serbia, Serbs will be able to vote in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, while Kosovo Serbs will not be allowed to vote in Kosovo.
It is stated that if the number of voters going to the polls exceeds 3 million 800 thousand, the election may go to the second round.

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