Election boards to be determined by 6 July


Supreme Election Board (YSK) announced that the chairman and members of provincial and district election boards and the chairman of overseas district election board will be re-determined until 6 July in parallel with the amendment made in the election law.

In the decision of the YSK published in the Official Gazette, the principles regarding the determination of the judges to take place in the provincial and district election boards, the determination of the presidents and the formation of the overseas district election board are detailed.

Accordingly, the judges to be assigned in the provincial and district election boards will be determined by drawing names from among the judges who have been assigned to at least the first class and have not lost these qualifications.

Presidency of overseas district election board will be affiliated to Ankara Provincial Election Board

Chairman and members of provincial election boards in metropolitan areas, in the city center and relevant It will be determined by the judges working in the judicial organization named after the province. In centers that are not subject to metropolitan status, the first judge to appear in the name drawing process will be the chairman, the next two judges will be the principal members of the district election board and the last two judges will be substitute members.

The Presidency of the Overseas District Election Board will be formed under the Ankara Provincial Election Board. The judges who will serve in this presidency will be determined by the Ankara judges by drawing as many names as the total number of district election boards.

The process of drawing names will be made by the relevant Judicial Court of First Instance Justice commissions, and the determination on the basis of seniority will be made by the relevant election boards.

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