Economic confidence at 10-month low

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The economic confidence index decreased to the lowest data in 10 months and became 95.7.

TURKSTAT released its Economic Confidence Index, March 2022 report. Accordingly, the economic confidence index, which was 98.2 in February, decreased by 2.5 percent in March to 95.7. The decrease in the economic confidence index stemmed from the decreases in the real sector (manufacturing industry), services, retail trade and construction sector confidence indices.

Compared to the previous month, real sector confidence index decreased by 1.6 percent to 108.2 in March, service sector confidence index decreased by 6.2 percent to 111.3, retail trade confidence index decreased by 3.1 percent. The value of 116.0, construction sector confidence index decreased by 2.0 percent to 81.0. Consumer Confidence Index increased by 1.9 percent to 72.5.

While the economic confidence index was 100.8 in January, it decreased by 2.6 percent in February to 98.2.

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