DSO Chairman Keçeci: Just-in-time delivery is now difficult


Denizli Chamber of Industry President Müjdat Keçeci told Bloomberg HT that it is impossible for industrial enterprises to operate without stock and the word stock is no longer as described.

The highlights of Felt’s speech are as follows:

An industrial enterprise cannot operate without stock, we call it the optimum stock level. In other words, it is a stock that the industry can put into use immediately after its raw material runs out. Under normal conditions, this stock should be inside the factory. Regarding the price increases we have experienced recently, regarding logistics and the availability of the goods, the industrialist went out of the optimum stock level. He is now grateful when he finds an industrialist who brings raw materials from abroad. Stock level is understood differently.

If there is a problem in financing, then he has to continue “Just in Time”, that is, he has to bring the goods to his factory as soon as it is finished. Just in time delivery is difficult now. It is very natural and done for you to stock up on the product you can finance. The stock has ceased to be as described.

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