“Digital transformation is important for sustainable competition”


Yorglass CEO Semavi Yorgancılar and Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya were guests of the Digital Strategy program broadcast on Bloomberg HT this week.
In the program where ERP and cloud technologies in smart business processes were discussed, Yorglass’s digital transformation adventure was discussed under the leadership of Felece.

Felece General Manager Oğuz Kaya, who discussed the concept of smart business in the program, said, “Digital transformation occurs with the right human resources, processes and infrastructure. When we manage these 3 basic issues with the right principles, it is an inevitable result to turn into smart businesses. When we organize this process in integration with the right infrastructure, we can report it. When a business comes first, we first deal with its logistics processes, then its financial processes, human resources and the framework in which we touch the customer. We are also positioning new technologies such as ERP, cloud and robotics in the projects to bring them together with the smart mechanism. Thus, intelligent decision-making mechanisms emerge. Of course, this situation gained momentum during the pandemic period, and we see that the need for technology use has increased 5 times more than before the pandemic. While companies used to carry out this process to be one step ahead of the competition, it has now become imperative to invest in technology for sustainability.”

“Digitalization is important for sustainable competition”

Yorglass CEO Semavi Yorgancılar, emphasizing the importance of digitalization in recent supply chain problems, said:

“A very good ERP infrastructure is needed to run a large organism. With this infrastructure, you can firmly connect the rings of the supply chain to each other. We have been managing our company with systems and processes for 10-15 years. With the decision we made last year and our cooperation with Felece, we took SAP’s ERP system over our company’s business processes and systems. I call this working at the speed of thought. If you want to compete in a sustainable way, you need to be different from your competitors. For this, integration is very important. If you can digitize all your processes from supplier to customer, successive processes can run on a single platform. In this way, you can gain speed and see the next steps. For example, we can do all our banking transactions digitally without making a phone call to the bank.”

Semavi Yorgancılar also talked about how they created their digitalization strategies and said, “Digitalization is a journey. Every year in September – October, we make in-house planning and then create the digitalization strategy. At this stage, SAP is an important resource, as system reliability is very important. In addition to our warehouses in different parts of the world, we will open a warehouse in the USA. It is not possible to control these places with old systems,” he said.

“The use of the cloud system will gradually increase”

Oğuz Kaya said that companies follow the following paths in their digitalization steps:

“We are meeting the needs of the future, not today’s needs.” We coordinate and model “Where is the world going? Where are similar sectors going in Turkey?” We need to analyze them correctly. At this point, Yorglass was a big company. Communication is very important in bringing the project to success. When there is senior management support, belief in the team has a positive effect on the project. Of course, we talk about the digitalization of processes first and then the digitalization of the system. We have a system that can be accessed remotely, which the top management can follow Then we also provide support in terms of support and sustainability. It’s not like we’ve done it.

A data set will continue to be formed in the next year as much as the data that has been created in the world so far. The data is growing enormously. Critical points in growing data The first of these is the speed of data access, the issue we call performance, and the second is keeping the data in a secure environment. We have to back up our systems in the infrastructure of our company and we need to always be ready for scenarios of accessing the backups whenever we want. Therefore, the use of the cloud system would increase gradually in the world. r”

Finally, Yorglass CEO Semavi Yorgancılar said the following about the efficiency the system provided to the company:

“Such a system has made incredible contributions to us. We are free of our inefficient costs and processes. While doing this, we put our customer at the center of everything. We prioritized the questions of what our customers need and how we can make them happier. Although we have gained speed, it is not easy to manage with time differences in a wide geography. At this point, it is a tool for us, not a destination.”

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