Culinary Summit Begins on March 30

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The Culinary Summit, organized by Istanbul Technical University Gastronomy Club, will bring together expert chefs, gourmets and company managers with more than 1000 students this year.

This symposium on gastronomy and culinary arts will be a remarkable event with the photography competition Catch the Taste , workshops and stage shows, in addition to the presentations by the speakers.

Many important names will be hosted as guests this year

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In previous years, Refika Birgül, Arda Türkmen, Mehmet Yalçınkaya, Murat Experts such as Bozok attended this symposium as speakers at the Culinary Summit. This year, important names such as Somer Sivrioğlu , Sinan Büdeyri, İlker Ayrık and Dilara Koçak will be hosted.

This year’s theme of the Culinary Summit, which is covered every year around a certain theme, is to learn how the product grown in the fields with great effort returns from the soil to our table with a long journey and to show it to all the participants in all its stages. It was designated as “Return”.

The Kitchen Summit, which could not be held for two years due to the pandemic, will be held this year on 30-31 March and 1 April at the Mustafa Kemal Amphitheater of İTÜ Maçka Campus. If you would like to participate in this symposium , you can register and get more information by using the link here.

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